Saturday 4th 8am-2pm

Saturday 18th 8am-2pm

Sunday 19th 8am-2pm


Saturday 8th 8am-2pm

Sunday 9th 8am-2pm

Saturday 22nd 8am-2pm 


Sunday 7th 8am-2pm

Saturday 13th 8am-2pm

Saturday 20th 8am-2pm

AZ Concealed Weapons Class: 38 States 

$85.00 - 8 hr class time
 $60.00 (State Fees) 
$145.00 Total 

UT Concealed Weapons Class: 1 Additional State 

$45.00 - 8 hr class time
 $62.00 (State Fees)
 $107.00 Total 

Class Fees are collected by Instructor, Prior to, OR during class. 

Cash or Check Only!

State fees are mailed to the state of Arizona

Students are required to purchase one box of ammo during the class

 All class times and dates are subject to change.  
Please call us at 928-680-7000 to confirm dates and times or to register for a class. 

Monday - Saturday       Sunday                        (928) 680-7000

     9am - 6pm              10am - 5pm                 2183 McCulloch Blvd
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Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Classes
Sam's Shooters Emporium offers classes to all levels of shooters from beginners to advanced.  Whether you are simply seeking to sharpen your skills or just need a refresher course, everyone is welcome!  We also offer private instruction for those not comfortable in a group setting. Sam's Shooters Emporium has several NRA certified instructors on staff to serve your needs.

Sam's Shooters Emporium offers the Arizona concealed weapons permit (CWP) class three times each month. This concealed weapons permit class is 8 hours in duration and completed easily in one day.  For those whose schedule does not allow for a one day class, we offer the concealed weapons permit class in two evening sessions. Class sizes are kept small to ensure you get the individual attention you deserve.  

During the class each student will spend about 6 hours in the classroom setting and then an additional two hours on the range.  During the range portion of the class students will fire 7 different handguns.  Sam's Shooters Emporium provides all firearms needed for the class. Students may bring their own firearm, however it is not required.  Sam's Shooters Emporium also offers CWP classes for the state of Utah.

Our instructor also offers the option of private classes, at your convenience, for groups of at least 5 people. Private classes DO NOT cost any extra, and allow for those who prefer a small class size to truly enjoy and get the most out of their time. 

​Sam's Shooters Emporium

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